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SSDEC Lutsul K'e Update - September 5, 2023

September 5, 2023

Dear families of Łutsel K’e,

As we navigate the aftermath of the wildfires, the communities of NWT are organizing a phased re-entry process. Upon the lifting of the evacuation order, essential workers will be prioritized to return, aiding in the preparation of our school facilities. This initiative ensures that our schools are safe and ready to welcome our dedicated staff and eager students. As of now, we eagerly await more detailed information regarding the re-entry timeline and the safe return to other communities.

  • September 14th: The Łutsel K’e Dene School is excitedly preparing to reopen its doors for students and families to register in the school and meet our new staff.

  • September 15th: We cordially invite you and your family to visit the school, interact with your staff, converse with the new administrative team, and share some food and refreshments with us. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn how you can support your child(ren) in their learning at home.

  • September 18th: We will welcome students to begin instruction.

Understanding the concerns you might have about the missed instructional days; I want to assure you we will offer a clearer insight into any resolutions or discussions pertaining to the adjustments required due to our time away.

In these trying times, it's essential that we look out for and support each other. Please prioritize safety and well-being.

Warm regards,

Souhail Soujah

Superintendent, SSDEC


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