I would like to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous dedication to our students over the years. With your help, we have seen amazing growth and I cannot help but be proud.

For almost a decade, through an intense and fully supported Leadership for Literacy initiative,  our teachers have passionately embraced bold changes to our instructional practice and programming designed to help close the achievement gap and embrace the unique cultural heritage of our students.

As we continue to move forward we are focusing on how to authentically engage students, and we have come to understand that culture-based inquiry and experiential-based learning opportunities challenge our students to take ownership for their own learning. Through this, students become engaged learners in real-life problems and develop 21st century skills (researching, collaborating, problem-solving, communicating learning…). Expectations are high, but students know that a strong support system is in place if they falter. 


Collaboration with the parents and community leaders has also been a key ingredient to our success.

As we begin another school year together, I want to thank our students, parents, staff, and communities once again for their continued support.

Dr. Curtis Brown                                        Superintendent