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A parent’s attitude toward learning is the greatest influence on how successful a student will be as a learner. What a family does is more important to student success than how much money a family makes or how much education a family has.

Homework and study skills were identified by South Slave school principals as requisite to improved student success. In recognition of the connection between appropriate study habits, school achievement and success in the workplace in adult life, homework and study skills received official SSDEC sanction as a priority regional initiative.

The goals of this initiative are to strengthen school/home partnerships, encourage student development of appropriate study habits, consolidate and reinforce student knowledge and skills acquisition, and support academic success across all grade levels in the South Slave region.

We encourage you to speak with your child's teacher about what your child is learning in the classroom and how you can further encourage and support your child's development.

Please see Policy HKB - Homework for details.

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