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Bullying Prevention & Safe Schools

The South Slave Divisional Education Council (SSDEC) and the District Education Authorities are committed to ensuring that the school environment is safe for all. Disrespectful or aggressive behaviours of any kind, from whatever source, are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Any persons verbally, sexually, or physically intimidating, harassing, abusing or threatening the safety and wellness of other persons on school property, during attendance at school events, or in other ways, may be requested to stop or to leave. If the abuse is of a repeated or serious nature, and/or the offender who has been asked to stop or leave fails to comply, the authorities will be summoned and the individual may be subject to prosecution under the Criminal Code of Canada.


If you are concerned about bullying in your child's school, please follow these steps and we will work together to resolve the issue.

Communicable Diseases

The parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for communicating information about communicable diseases - such as influenza, head lice, meningitis, or HIV/AIDS - of their child to the school principal and the local health authority.

Drug Awareness and Prevention

The SSDEC recognizes that the use of alcohol and drugs, and the problems associated with their use, are a serious concern in our society and that the issue of substance abuse is best dealt with through an holistic community approach emphasizing prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement.


For more information on the SSDEC's procedures concerning drug awareness and prevention, please see Policy IFCI - Drug Awareness and Prevention. For specific information on what your child's school is doing, please contact your school.

Hay River Drug Strategy


The Department of Health and Social Services strongly advises that this immunization schedule be followed: NWT Immunization Schedule. Please contact your local health clinic or centre for more information.

Medical Alert Conditions

Parents/guardians of students with medical conditions - such as anaphylaxis, diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma - are expected to disclose the medical condition of their child upon registration in the school, or immediately upon identification of the medical condition. 

Mental Health

Kids Help Phone        1-800-668-6868

NWT Help Line           1-800-661-0844

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