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As per the Educating All Our Children: Departmental Directive on Student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting, our goal is to establish a comprehensive plan for assessing individual student achievement, evaluating and reporting the results, and using that information to plan for improvements.

We aim to ensure a quality education system that results in individual student growth in knowledge, skills and attitudes with respect to specific learning outcomes for each grade. This

achievement must be measured:

  • Over time;

  • For the intended purpose;

  • In ways that are fair and appropriate, and

  • Taking into account the vision, values and goals of the people of the Northwest Territories.


The combined results of a variety of classroom assessments will be used to improve

programming and instruction, as well as to determine student placement, programming and

promotion. System-wide assessments will inform education decision-making and policy development.

Report Card Learning Skills Insert High School

Report Card Learning Skills Insert Elementary School

Please see Policy HLA - Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting for details.

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