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The South Slave Divisional Education Council believes that students with exceptional needs should have appropriate educational services to meet their unique requirements. 


Inclusive Schooling has been a priority within the South Slave for a number of years. It is also a requirement of schools as articulated in the NWT Ministerial Directive on Inclusive Schooling. Differentiated instructional practice is foundational to student inclusion in SSDEC schools. Inclusive Schooling is intended to ensure equal access for all students to educational programs offered in regular classroom settings in home communities.

Inclusive Schooling emphasizes:

  • Equal educational opportunities for all children.

  • Respecting differences.

  • Providing teachers and assistants with resources, professional development, and support to meet all students’ needs.

The following types of individualized plans may be necessary:

  • Student Support Plans (SSP) – for students in both regular and modified programs requiring accommodations for difficulty or enrichment required to permit the student to achieve success within the approved NWT Curriculum. Students in regular programming are considered to be working at or near grade level. Students working in a modified program are working on learning outcomes either above or below their grade level.

  • Behavioural Action Plan (BAP) - for students who may have behaviours that interrupt their learning or the learning of others.

  • Individual Education Plans (IEP) – for still other students, student-specific programs are required to meet their unique and exceptional needs. These programs may or may not include NWT curricular learning outcomes.

Please see Policy HHH - Inclusive Schooling for details.

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