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Teaching in the South Slave region of the Northwest Territories is an amazing and unique opportunity. We pride our region on having the highest calibre of educators, dedicated to helping their students reach their full potential. Some of our most important initiatives include our Leadership for Literacy program and our Indigenous Language programs.

We are also dedicated to continuing our educators' learning and encourage our staff to participate in community events to get to know their students and their families along with the culture and languages of the region. Becoming engaged in Northern life will lead to an enriching and rewarding experience.

Our eight schools are located in five communities, which have populations ranging from 300-3500 people. Community members are known for being warm and friendly, and are eager to include newcomers in the many celebrations, festivals, and events happening throughout the year.

New teachers are encouraged to participate in our Teacher Induction and Mentorship program, which is available to all teachers new to the NWT. You will be paired with an experienced Northern teacher who will support you in your first year in the North and help you hone your professional knowledge and skills.

For step-by-step instructions on applying to teaching positions in the South Slave, along with important information for newcomers, please visit the Department of Education, Culture and Employment's website.

If you are interested in pursuing an education career in the South Slave, please submit your resumé to and/or Government of the Northwest Territories Careers. We list all available education jobs in the South Slave on these two websites.

If you are interested in substitute teaching in one of our communities, please contact the school principal directly.

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