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SSDEC Hay River Update - September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

Dear families of Hay River,

As we navigate the aftermath of the wildfires, the communities of NWT have organized a phased re-entry process. As of September 13, essential workers have been prioritized to return, aiding in the preparation of our school facilities. This initiative ensures that our schools are safe and ready to welcome our dedicated staff and eager students.

Please note that the following dates are based on current re-entry timelines and are tentative; they may change depending on the evolving situation and we will inform you immediately if this timeline changes.

  • September 22nd (Friday): HC, PA and DJSS Schools are initiating a "soft start" reopening. We invite students and families to come register, familiarize themselves with the premises, and meet our dedicated team members.

  • September 25th (Monday): Full academic sessions will commence. We are eager and committed to rekindling the academic flame and embracing the joy of learning once more.

Addressing potential concerns about the missed academic period, please be assured that plans are in motion to address and compensate for this gap. Detailed communication will be shared in due course.

In these times of adversity, our collective strength and unity are our greatest assets. Your safety, and the well-being of our students and staff, remain our utmost priority.

Warm regards,

Souhail Soujah Superintendent, SSDEC


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