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Spotlight: Excellence in Education Awards - Partners in Education

The SSDEC Excellence in Education Award, Partners in Education has been bestowed upon a remarkable individual who has been a cornerstone within our educational community for over three decades, is proudly presented to Charlotte Andersen


Her dedication to nurturing the well-being of our students extended beyond nutrition as she embraced the role of volunteer coach for various sports, with a special emphasis on soccer. Charlotte’s passion ensured that countless students had the opportunity to engage in sports, fostering a culture of health, teamwork, and perseverance.


As the secretary at PWK, Charlotte transformed her position into a beacon of support and safety. Her unparalleled ability to listen, offer sage advice, and promote wellness has left a lasting impact on both students and staff.


Beyond her official duties, Charlotte has devoted countless hours to volunteering, particularly ensuring that participants and officials of the Laurie Hobart Volleyball tournament enjoy high-quality meals throughout the event. Furthermore, her commitment to making sports and travel accessible to all students by leading fundraising efforts is a testament to her dedication to reducing financial barriers, ensuring every student has the opportunity to participate and excel.


Charlotte Andersen is not just a staff member at PWK; she is the heart of health and wellness. Her contributions have significantly enhanced the educational experience, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she has touched.



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