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Deninu School student wins 2016 NWT Ministerial Literacy Award

FORT RESOLUTION, NT – Grade 12 student Laney Beaulieu of Deninu School has quite the list of impressive accomplishments already, and with the Ministerial Literacy Award for Youth Learners that she was just awarded in Yellowknife during Literacy Week, her resume will only get stronger. Beaulieu is described by many as an ambitious and motivated student who always gives 100%. Whether she is paving the way in taking distance learning courses through online instruction or is learning Chıpewyan with her peers, she demonstrates independence, integrity and kindness while consistently being at the top of her class. She has studied Chıpewyan throughout her school career, and often reads the school’s

SSDEC releases innovative Chıpewyan Scramble board game

FORT SMITH, NT – The South Slave Divisional Education Council has taken another step towards language revitalization with the release of their new Ɂëk’éch’a Helá “Scramble” Chipewyan board game – similar to the popular game Scrabble. The game was designed by Paul W. Kaeser High School’s Chıpewyan language instructor Paul Boucher, who understands that making language learning interactive increases retention. He designed the tiles to include all letters of the Chıpewyan alphabet, including oral, nasal and high tone accents. The board itself replicates Scrabble, although all of the points that players can acquire are in the Aboriginal language instead of English. To make the game more accessi

SSDEC’s App; First Nations Storybook - Chıpewyan edition is now live

The app is available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad users to download for free FORT SMITH, NT – Innovative as always, the South Slave Divisional Education Council (SSDEC) has found a way to bring its Chıpewyan language resources to the world with the release of an app designed for both iPhone and iPad users called First Nations Storybook – Chipewyan edition. Designed to look like a bookshelf, the educational app is available through the App Store and features 40 books from the SSDEC’s collection of Aboriginal language storybooks filled with colourful illustrations and Chıpewyan text. The books, which tell of legends and tales that reflect the traditions, values and experiences of

Awards Bestowed on Exemplary Educators

Hay River, NT – On August 25, 2016 the South Slave Divisional Education Council (SSDEC) announced the 2016 winners of the Excellence in Education Award. The Program Staff Award winner is Mr. Brent Kaulback of the South Slave Divisional Education Council. Mr. Kaulback has spent over 40 years as an educator and administrator, most recently as Assistant Superintendent at the SSDEC. His more impressive accomplishments revolve around the preservation and revitalization of Aboriginal language and culture. Under his guidance and leadership, the SSDEC has published over 280 books; Aboriginal language essential learning outcomes (ELOs) and common assessments have been developed and implemented; and a

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