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Spotlight: Excellence in Education Awards - Jill Taylor Above and Beyond Award

The SSDEC Excellence in Education Award, Jill Taylor Above and Beyond Award has been bestowed upon the Fort Smith Métis Council. This prestigious accolade reflects their substantial and enduring contributions to enhancing the educational and personal development of our students in Fort Smith.


The Fort Smith Métis Council has been a steadfast source of support and enrichment for our community, offering significant assistance that spans from nutritional programs to athletic endeavors and cultural experiences. Their generosity in funding our snack program has been crucial in promoting the well-being of our students. Furthermore, their initiative in providing new team uniforms has not only fostered a sense of pride among our young athletes but has also cultivated a deep sense of belonging and team spirit.


A year filled with memorable contributions from the council, including the provision of ribbons for our school track day, organizing the delightful "Goats and Freezies" event, and facilitating the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers' performance, enriching our students' cultural and educational experiences.


Special recognition is given to Gwen Pischinger, whose dedication and tireless efforts have been central to the realization of these initiatives. Gwen's ability to transform ideas into tangible outcomes has made a significant impact on our school and community, embodying a spirit of generosity and commitment that truly goes above and beyond.


The council's support of JBT's Winter Camp, their active participation in our Book Fair, and their contributions with the Métis Day Care, showcase their holistic approach to fostering an inclusive and comprehensive educational environment. It's their collaborative spirit and collective action that have made such a profound difference in the lives of our students.


As we honour the Fort Smith Métis Council with this award, we extend our deepest gratitude for their exceptional contributions. Their dedication to our community's educational and personal growth continues to inspire and pave the way for a brighter future for all our students. Your efforts have not only supported but have also uplifted countless lives, making a lasting difference that will be felt for generations to come.


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