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Spotlight: Jennifer Tweedie, 2023 Prime Minister's Awards Recipient – Teaching Excellence

In the realm of education, there are educators who stand out, not just for their teaching methods, but for their commitment to shaping the future. Jennifer Tweedie from Princess Alexandra School and Harry Camsell School is one such gem.

Receiving the Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education is no small feat. For over two decades, this prestigious award has recognized educators who go above and beyond in providing exemplary early childhood education, and Jennifer is the latest to join this esteemed group.

From her efforts in mending past wrongs with the resurgence of language to her novel strategies in supporting students with learning differences, Jennifer embodies what it means to be a forward-thinking and culturally aware educator. She not only teaches but collaborates, innovates, and bridges cultural gaps, making her an asset to our education system and the broader Canadian community.

Her remarkable achievements, from her work on the Korean War Legacy Project to her unwavering commitment to promoting the Dene culture, are a testament to her dedication.

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Tweedie for this well-deserved recognition and for the continuous impact she makes on the lives of her students.


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