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Three Feathers wins Best Short at CIFF

Canadian International Faith & Family Festival latest to showcase first film produced in four languages

FORT SMITH, NT – The South Slave Divisional Education Council is pleased to announce its film Three Feathers won the award for Best Short at the Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival.

Three Feathers, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Richard Van Camp, is the first film shot in four languages (English, South Slavey, Chipewyan and Bush Cree). Written and directed by Carla Ulrich, Three Feathers was produced by Richard Van Camp, Brent Kaulback, Ann Lepine and Liz Levine. It is distributed by the South Slave Divisional Education Council.

"The cast and crew of Three Feathers should be commended for their unique achievement and their role in the continued revitalization of Indigenous languages," said Dr. Curtis Brown, Superintendent of the South Slave Divisional Education Council. “It’s very exciting to have the film recognized not only locally, but nationally and internationally by film festivals like CIFF.”

The film follows the journey of three young Indigenous men as they experience local community justice through a traditional sentencing circle before seeking wisdom, guidance and forgiveness during a nine-month stay on the land.

Three Feathers was shot and produced in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories and featured mostly northern cast and crew. The film has received very positive reviews as part of film festivals across Canada and around the world. It has been selected for the upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) in late September and the Yellowknife International Film Festival in November.

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