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South Slave educators recognized for excellence

SSDEC names 2020 winners of Excellence in Education Awards

Fort Smith, NT – The South Slave Divisional Education Council (SSDEC) announced the 2020 winners of the Excellence in Education Awards.

The Program Staff Award winner is Mr. Mario Milovac (Hay River). Mr. Milovac is a Northern-born educator who has spent his career in the South Slave and has been critical in the development of social-emotional learning programming in Hay River schools. Currently the Program Support Teacher for Harry Camsell School and Princess Alexandra School in Hay River, Mr. Milovac is widely regarded by the staff of both schools, and beyond, as an exemplary teacher and communicator with a keen understanding of the teacher-student relationship. As a long-term member of the leadership team, he has served at times as Vice Principal and is instrumental in the effective implemention of the Council’s award-winning Leadership for Literacy initiative and the related pyramids of intervention for students with unique needs.

The Partner in Education Award is presented to Mr. Brian Green and the Lutsel K’e CO-OP (Lutsel K’e). As a 16-year resident of Lutsel K’e and manager of the Lutsel K’e CO-OP store, Mr. Green is well-known and liked by Lutsel K’e Dene School staff and students, as well as the community, for his compassion, caring and willingness to lend a hand no matter what the issue or request. Thanks to the CO-OP under the guidance of Mr. Green, Lutsel K’e Dene School continues to benefit from his availability and generosity. Whether he is ensuring appropriate food is stocked for culture camp initiatives or providing visiting students with toys and treats, putting visitors up for the night, and carting them back and forth to the airport, Mr. Green and the Lutsel K’e CO-OP are committed to supporting community and student wellness and success.

The Jill Taylor Above and Beyond Award recipient is Mr. Todd Sturgeon (Fort Smith). As Manager, Information Systems & Technical Services, Mr. Sturgeon has for more than 15 years gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure teachers and students have the technology services and support they need to thrive in their environments. With a Bachelor of Education and classroom teaching experience backing his information technology expertise, Mr. Sturgeon is an invaluable source of knowledge regarding leading-edge education practices and the technology that supports them. He is a strong team leader who always makes himself available to help solve any problem, big or small. His leadership roles on territorial technology committees and on the Central Executive of the NWTTA are further indicative of his initiative and the respect afforded him by others.

The purpose of the Excellence in Education Awards is to publicly recognize the sustained commitments and outstanding contributions made by staff, parents and community members in helping to create the best possible futures for South Slave students. The Excellence in Education Awards are awarded annually to recipients nominated by their peers and selected from the following three categories:

· Program Staff – includes teachers, administrators, consultants and education assistants that service South Slave schools.

· Partners in Education – includes support staff (eg. secretaries and custodians), parents, students, volunteers and other community members, groups, or organizations that work in support of student learning.

· Jill Taylor Above and Beyond Award – can be a staff member, parent, student, or partner who has gone above and beyond in volunteering to make positive, impactful contributions that benefit the wellbeing of South Slave children or youth.


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