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Navigating through challenging times requires accurate and timely information. This dedicated page serves as your central source for the most current updates and resources concerning the ongoing evacuations in relation to SSDEC. We're committed to ensuring our community stays informed and supported. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest news and guidance from SSDEC.
SSDEC School Updates:
GNWT's Q&A on Wildfire Evacuations:
The Government of Northwest Territories has released an in-depth Q&A addressing concerns related to the wildfire evacuations that updated frequently. You can access this crucial information by visiting HERE.
Additionally, for ease of access, this Q&A is available under the "School Updates" section on ECE’s website. The direct link to this section is available HERE.

Wildfire Resources: GNWT (Government of Northwest Territories)
For all residents affected by the current wildfire in the South Slave region, the GNWT has made available numerous resources and information to help guide you through this challenging time.
GNWT Public Safety - Key Sections:
Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance. Please make use of these resources and stay informed. Sharing this information can help others in need.

August 28, 2023 - ECE / GNWT / SSDEC Update
On August 28, 2023, The GNWT/ECE has released a Q&A addressing concerns about school start dates and the support available for staff and families in the context of the ongoing wildfire evacuations. This aims to provide clarity and guidance during these challenging times.

August 25, 2023 - SSDEC / CSFTNO Update
On August 25, 2023, SSDEC and CSFTNO informed families that schools will remain closed on both August 28 and September 5 due to the continuing evacuation. While the date for community re-entry and school reopening remains uncertain, the GNWT Department of Education, Culture and Employment plans to release a Q&A on their social media and Public Safety page to shed light on the ongoing situation and future plans.

August 22, 2023 - SSDEC / CSFTNO Update
On August 22, 2023, the SSDEC and CSFTNO school districts, in collaboration with the Education, Culture, and Employment (ECE), updated families about the uncertain school start date due to the ongoing Evacuation Order. Virtual learning is not under consideration for both districts, and the new school year will commence when all students can safely engage in-person, with regular updates being provided.
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