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To graduate high school in the NWT you need a minimum of 100 course credits and English 30-1 or English 30-2. Within those 100 credits, there are a specific number of course credits you need in certain areas of study.

The requirements are:

Specified Credits English / Français Language Arts

Social Studies



Career and Technology Studies (CTS) or SNAP 

Fine Arts 

Physical Education

Northern Studies 

Career and Life Management 

Career and Program Planning (CPP)

Community Service (25 hours)

Additional Grade 12 credits at the 30 level 

Required Total

Elective Credits

Grand Total

15 credits

10 credits

10 credits

10 credits

5 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

1 credit

1 credit

10 credits

74 credits

26 credits

100 credits

On top of getting 100 course credits, some courses have Grade 12 Diploma Examinations. To earn credit for these courses, the combined class and exam marks have to add up to a passing grade.


Courses with Diploma Examinations include:

  • English 30-1/30-2

  • French Language Arts 30-1 

  • Français 30-1

  • Math 30-1/30-2

  • Social Studies 30-1/30-2

  • Biology 30

  • Chemistry 30

  • Physics 30


Remember that the courses you take in high school will determine what your options are after you graduate, as different colleges and universities have different entrance requirements for specific programs.

Please visit the Department of Education, Culture and Employment's website to request a Transcript or Validation Statement.

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